Prospect analysis of Go language

Prospect analysis of Go language

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This time is relatively busy. I believe many friends probably know it. If you don t know, you can refer to my last article on Cross-Dimensional Strikes, which can be killed directly . There is an introduction inside, so you can take a look.

Seize the trend of the times

In the previous article, that is, the cross-dimensional blow can be directly killed in seconds. , mentioned the problems of this era. This time I analyze the prospects of the go language. In fact, I also want to talk about the problems of the era. I still remember in 2010, when the mobile Internet era just emerged. Many people who used to do Java, that is, J2EE (J2EE was the Red Sea at the time), seized this opportunity to transform, and then got dividends, and even realized it. The change in life, this is really not an exaggeration.

In the case where one person can do it, he can do it in multiple languages and do a good job. There is no doubt about this. But if there is a wave of trends, if he can grasp it, it is equivalent to an accelerator for him. At present, the Go language is in such a good era.

Community support

The Go language is actually quite popular in China. In fact, you can look at Google Trends, or some other communities, which are very popular. For example, the gopher china conference, as well as the meetup sharing sessions held in various places, will be held once in a while. This kind of conference can promote the spread of the Go language very well, and everyone can communicate and improve together.

The official Go language itself is basically a half-yearly version. The latest one, go1.10 has come out again. In fact, they are all very good, including their recent plans to change the logo. In fact, it can be seen that the official They pay attention to it, and even some time ago they launched a special mirror site for our China, so that our Chinese developers can quickly access and browse the knowledge of the Go language.

Excellent open source project

In fact, not only the official community, but also the largest community of friends, github, has great support for Go. As you can see, many excellent projects are hosted here, such as docker, k8s, etc. They are all written in Go, and the number of stars is also very high. There are many other good Go projects I won t say much. I wrote an article on the excellent Go open source projects on GitHub. You can take a look again and choose some excellent projects to study and research.

PHP and Golang

Speaking of Golang, it is necessary to mention PHP. In fact, many of them are currently transferred to Golang, most of which are transferred from previous languages such as PHP, C++, Python, etc. For example, our company's Go language development is transferred from pp. With the development of the Internet, PHP has basically become more and more marginalized. In some small companies, it may still be very popular because it can quickly produce products and then go online. But for companies that are becoming more and more formed, especially those with more mature front-end and back-end separation, modularization, and service-oriented companies, php will play less and less role. But for PHP developers, it is impossible for him to switch to a language like java, so the best way for them is to switch to the Go language, and because both PHP and Go are in the C language system, when they switch, they will know how to get started. quickly. In my recent recruitment interviews for the past two years, it can be completely seen that if you are a PHP developer and know Go, or even use Go for development, it is very popular.


Another good news for the development of the go language is microservices. The development of microservices allows us to separate some modules into services. In this way, we can choose the most suitable language for our specific service. In this way, Go is used in middleware, network services, high concurrency and other application scenarios. If there is a big advantage in it, it will be prioritized and selected.


Another more competitive one that promotes the development of the Go language is the blockchain technology. Especially the emergence of Ethereum, which is written entirely in go, has greatly promoted the go language. The other is the blockchain alliance, a hyperledger initiated by ibm, which is mainly aimed at enterprise-level alliance chains. Therefore, when recruiting, if you are recruiting to do blockchain development, they basically require the Go language, and their salary is basically double that of ordinary PHP.

Support from major companies

In fact, the major companies support Go. Many companies have gradually adapted those services to be written in the Go language from the beginning, and have already rewritten it, but in these propaganda, major companies In fact, it s very low-key. They don t actually promote this thing deliberately, but sometimes when you listen to some of their sharing, or read some of their articles, you will find that they are sharing. At that time, it will be mentioned that some modules may have been implemented in Go. I have also written before about which big companies are using the go language? You can also flip through this article.


In fact, there are more and more Go recruitments, including our company's ongoing and vigorous recruitment of Go engineers. If you are willing to work together, you can contact me. There is another one, especially for PHP. If you learn more about Go, in fact, it will be easier for you to find a job, and the salary will be higher than before. In fact, not only some first-tier cities, but some second-tier cities are also beginning to recruit Go developers, such as Xi'an. Here is a friendly recommendation of a Xi'an friend's recruitment. If you are in Xi'an or want to go to Xi'an, you can contact him.


Generally speaking, I am actually quite optimistic about the Go language. You can follow up, especially for the development of PHP. I still recommend switching to Go quickly, because these two languages are relatively similar, and the second PHP is also more and more. The more marginalized. For Java language developers, you can actually learn go, especially if you want to get deeper and deeper, and more and more like to go to the infrastructure, when you do something, you can consider which language to use, Achieve higher efficiency and lower cost. Multiple languages, multiple choices.

In fact, no matter how good the prospect is, it still depends on everyone. If you want to learn Go, you can start to act now flysnow_org. There http://www.flysnow.orgare a series of articles on my own official account and blog . Everyone can read it, from the most shallow to The last in-depth are all. If you have any questions during this process, you can also communicate with me. I also have a group here. If you want to join, you can add me on WeChat. I will pull you in. Everyone can discuss it.

This article is an original article. Please indicate the source for reprinting. Welcome to scan the QR code and follow the flysnow_orgofficial account or website to read the follow-up wonderful articles for the first time. If you feel good, share it with your friends circle, thank you for your support.