Is Go language learning and training reliable?

Is Go language learning and training reliable?

The Internet has reached a crossroads for more than two decades. The Internet before the advent of the blockchain is called the classical Internet, and the Internet using blockchain technology has entered the post-Internet era. In September 2017, the Chinese government network published an article "my country's blockchain industry is expected to be at the forefront of the world" to support the development of blockchain technology and popularize blockchain technology to 1.3 billion Chinese people. The future of blockchain technology in China Much can be done.

As the preferred programming language for blockchain technology, the go language will naturally be put on the agenda of many programmers. Is the go language learning and training reliable? Can I find a job after studying?

Go's goal is to improve the management of dependencies of existing programming languages on libraries, etc. These software elements will be repeatedly called by applications. Because of the parallel programming model, this language is also designed to solve multi-processor tasks.

As a server programming language, Go language is very suitable for processing logs, data packaging, virtual machine processing, file systems, distributed systems, database agents, etc.; in terms of network programming, Go language is widely used in web applications, API applications, download applications, etc.; except In addition, the Go language can also be used in the field of in-memory databases and cloud platforms. At present, many cloud platforms abroad are developed using Go.

As a large-scale project development language, Go language has been used in many large companies one after another, and even completely turned to Go development. Among them are Google, Facebook, Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, JD, Xiaomi and 360, Meituan, Didi and Sina. Etc. Therefore, the development prospects of the Go language are still very good, and naturally there is no need to worry about employment for small partners who want to engage in go language-related work!

Regarding the learning and training of the go language, it depends on the training company you choose, and then the personal ability. The suggestion for everyone is that you can download some learning videos on the Internet. 1. there is a simple language for the go language. Understand and then choose training and learning!