Spring Cloud distributed microservice cloud architecture

Spring Cloud distributed microservice cloud architecture

Distributed, microservices, cloud architecture

JAVA language development, cross-platform, high-performance, high-availability, security, service-oriented, modular, component-oriented, and driven development model

The Spring Cloud Config configuration management toolkit allows you to put the configuration on a remote server, centrally manage the cluster configuration, and currently supports local storage, Git and Subversion

Spring Cloud Bus events, message bus, used to propagate state changes in the cluster (for example, configuration change events), can be combined with Spring Cloud Config to achieve hot deployment

Eureka Cloud Service Discovery, a REST-based service used to locate services to realize cloud middle-tier service discovery and failover.

Hystrix fuse, a fault-tolerant management tool, aims to control the nodes of services and third-party libraries through the fuse mechanism, thereby providing more powerful fault tolerance to delays and failures.

Zuul Zuul is a framework that provides edge services such as dynamic routing, monitoring, resiliency, and security on the cloud platform. Zuul is equivalent to the front door for all requests on the back end of the web site of the device and the Netflix streaming application.

Spring Cloud Security is based on spring security's security toolkit to add security control to your application.

Feign Feign is a declarative, templated HTTP client. General architecture: springmvc, spring boot, spring security, Oauth2.0, mybatis, mybatis plus, kafka, zookeepre

From now on, I will record the construction process and essence of the recently developed spring cloud microservice cloud architecture to help more friends who are interested in developing the spring cloud framework. If you are interested, you can add Penguin 2147775633. I hope to help more. Good scholar. Let's discuss the process of building the spring cloud architecture and how to apply it to enterprise projects.