charles installation

charles installation

Charles installation


Charles can be used to capture packets of mobile apps, computer apps, and web pages. The following are the installation steps of Charles.

iphone side:

  1. ipad or iphone first connect to the code Charles
  2. Download the certificate: iPhone safari visit the address and install the corresponding description file.
  3. Trust certificate: Settings-General-About this machine-Certificate trust settings

MAC side:

  1. Charles-help-ssl proxying-instal Charles root certificate. At this time, a list of a certificate of the system will be opened, one of which is called Charles XXXXXXXXX, select him, and trust him
  2. Charles-proxy-proxy settings-enable transparent http Proxying Check it
  3. Charles-proxy-ssl proxying settings-enable ssl proxying tick it, add a host * port 443 in the location, save

Android side:

  1. Download the certificate: visit the address in the browser and install the corresponding description file.
  2. System Security -> Encryption and Credentials -> Install Certificate from SD Card -> Select Charles (This step may be different for different Android machines)
  3. Wifi setup proxy, fill in the computer ip and port 8888 to use.