In the ranking of the six programming languages in 2020, less than 1% of people know which Java ranks

In the ranking of the six programming languages in 2020, less than 1% of people know which Java ranks


Programming language is the basis of development. There are different types and characteristics, and developers choose the right language for different scenarios, but do you know which language to use? How many developers in China and around the world are using it? What is their ranking? Come and see how many lists you know!

Today, we provide a list of these well-known programming language lists for everyone! They not only teach you the most commonly used languages, but also teach you the cold knowledge of many interesting languages waiting to be discovered, take a look at these lists written in 2020.


TIOBE may be one of the most familiar and authoritative programming language rankings for developers. It is updated monthly, with comprehensive data sources, and can accurately reflect the popularity of different languages. This month, I extracted some data from the TIOBE list. Let's see!

" December 2020 TIOBE Programming Language Ranking: "

This month, Java leads the second place with an index advantage of more than 1%. The interesting thing is that the title of this issue is "The winners continue to win", that is, "The winner is defending." Java occupies the first place in 2020. This also confirms that Java has a very high degree of popularity.

In the top five, with the rise of the Internet of Things, the C language has also maintained a very stable popularity. It is worth mentioning that Python has the fastest increase of 1.93% and is regarded as a dark horse in the language world. It is precisely because of the continued rise of Python that C++ was surpassed by Python in July, becoming the only language among the top five in 2020 that has experienced a decline in rankings.

" Top 10 Programming Language Index Trends (2002-2020): "

In the past 15 years, Java has almost always been the leader in the TIOBE ranking, and only the C language has the "contest" function. Although due to the positive development of web and mobile applications, the degree of many languages has decreased in the first two years, but the rise of Python is very optimistic. Some industry insiders say that Python will become the most likely language of TIOBE in the future.

" Annual Ranking of Some Languages (1984-2020): "

The above figure shows the annual ranking of TIOBE in some years in the past 35 years. C language is firmly in the top three as the mainstay, and since the release of the Java2 platform, Java has quickly risen to the top of the list and become one of the leading languages. After 2004, the popularity of Python has also increased exponentially, and it has now become one of the most promising programming languages.

TIOBE will also release the programming language ranking data for the whole year of 2020 in January next year. See what achievements your language has achieved this year!


PYPL is mainly based on the relevant search frequency on Google for statistical rankings. It not only has the ranking of programming languages, but also IDE, ODE (Online IDE) and database rankings. Its data source is Google Trends, which means that the more frequently a language is searched in Google, the more popular the language is.

" December 2020 Programming Language Ranking: "

This list shows the popularity of the Google search programming language worldwide. Unlike TIOBE, there are no other search engine data sources in this list, but TIOBE has more statistical information about Amazon, Wiki, YouTube, etc. However, neither of these lists should underestimate Java and Python.

" TOP5 language five-fold line chart: "

It is not difficult to find that Java has always been at the top of the list in the past 15 years, and Python has emerged as the programming language with the highest growth rate in the past five years, with an increase of 19%. On the contrary, Java has become the language with the highest decline, losing 6.9% in the past five years. The heat.

PYPL line chart also supports user customization, you can choose to view only the languages you are most interested in, and their popularity trends in different countries. But currently PYPL only supports statistics from 5 countries, so you can choose what you want to view according to your needs.

3. IEEE Spectrum

IEEE Spectrum is the flagship website of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and the world's largest professional organization dedicated to engineering and applied technology. IEEE Spectrum is well known by the Chinese people because of its Chinese version of the "Technology Overview".

"The TOP10 programming languages of 2020 released by IEEE Spectrum on September 6 this year: "

This is the sixth language ranking of IEEE Spectrum. From a data point of view, Python has topped the list for three consecutive years. Easy-to-use features make Python a dedicated library that can be used to accelerate Python development, especially in the AI field. Due to the enhancement of microprocessor functions, the embedded version of Python has become more and more popular among manufacturers.

You can find that there are four icons behind each language, which is also the most popular place for IEEE Spectrum. It divides the development areas of 4 languages, which are web development, enterprise applications, mobile devices or embedded devices. According to the application scenarios of each language, users can choose to hide the areas they don t want to see. For developers, analyze Own employment planning has a very good supporting role.

IEEE Spectrum also supports lists of multiple data types, such as search popularity, open source or employment popularity, and collects 8 data sources (CareerBuilder, Google, GitHub, Hacker News, IEEE, Reddit, Stack Overflow and Twitter) With 11 indicators, the ranking is still relatively accurate.

4. RedMonk

RedMonk is a list that is updated quarterly. It is based on the number of projects in a language on GitHub and the number of times the tags appear on Stack Overflow. These two communities are also authoritative data sources for open source and technical discussions.

" 2020 RedMonk programming language TOP20 ranking: "

This is a ranking of programming languages calculated in June this year, spanning from September 2012 to June this year. RedMonk is different from other lists in that it does not simply rank by search or usage, but correlates the language being discussed and used in an effort to extract insights into potential trends in future adoption rates.

5. Stack Overflow

Every year Stack OverFlow will allow developers to participate in a survey to count the distribution of developers in Stack OverFlow, including nationality, length of service, and education level. At the same time, Stack OverFlow will also count the most popular programming languages on the site. What's interesting is that it also counts the languages developers most hate and most want to learn or use. Let's take a look!

" 2020 Stack OverFlow programming language part list: "

Top 20 most popular programming languages among participants in the survey in 2020
Top 20 most popular languages for professional developers
Developer's favorite programming language TOP20
Top 20 programming languages that developers fear the most
TOP20 programming languages that developers are most interested in

This ranking is not the same as the ranking seen before. Rust has become the most popular programming language among respondents for the fourth consecutive year, followed by Python, which is the fastest growing today. And Python has also ranked first on the list of most interesting languages for the third consecutive year. Developers who have not yet used Python have expressed that they want to learn it!

6. GitHub Octoverse

GitHub is a well-known open source community, and it should be known to everyone in the developer population. Because of its large-scale open source projects and developer users, GitHub also has a considerable amount of statistical data.

In 2020, these 6 programming language rankings are said to be less than 1% of people who know them. GitHub is a well-known open source community. Every October, GitHub will publish the Octoverse list of the past year. Similar to Stack OverFlow, it summarizes GitHub's open source within one year. Project data and developer user portraits. The list of programming languages is naturally indispensable.

" GitHub popular languages in 2020: "

Compared with last year s GitHub Octoverse list, this year s C# and shell rankings have improved, making Python the first language to surpass Java and making it the second most popular language on GitHub. As Flutter can see, Dart usage on GitHub has increased by 532% this year. At the same time, statically typed languages for type safety and interoperability: Rust, Kotlin, and TypeScript are under rapid development.

At last

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