7 application cases of RPA robotic process automation in the field of IT services

7 application cases of RPA robotic process automation in the field of IT services

In the past few decades, with the rise of various emerging IT technologies, business operations have ushered in wave after wave of revolutions.

ERP and shared services, which originated in the 1990s, have greatly improved the operational efficiency of enterprises. The vigorous development of offshore labor outsourcing business in 2000 further reduced the operating costs of enterprises.

Nowadays, with the development of RPA robotic process automation technology, traditional offshore labor outsourcing is gradually being replaced by RPA robots, becoming a digital labor force that improves business efficiency and reduces operating costs.

In the field of IT services, RPA software robots can automate the process of software batch installation, automatic mail processing, server monitoring, and batch task processing.

The specific application of RPA robotic process automation in the field of IT services

Application 1: Automatic mail processing

It usually takes a long time to create or change an email address, and you need to verify the identity of the user, test the address, integrate it into the distribution list, and associate it with other applications. RPA robots transform tedious activities into automated processes triggered by a mouse click. Using RPA can free IT departments from these low-value-added workflows.

Application 2: Software batch installation

Whether locally or via SSH or RDP (Remote Desktop), IT teams can rely on RPA to install complex applications with interdependent components. Once developed and tested, the solution of installing and updating software through RPA can replace manual operations to perform repetitive operations, especially for teams that must support hundreds of technical software, and realize automatic software installation in batches.

Application 3: Data batch processing

From restarting services and copying files to sending alerts to operators, all tasks that do not require human intervention and can optimize the use of IT resources can be handed over to RPA robots. By replacing these low-value work processes with RPA, the IT department can have more time and energy to operate and complete high-value tasks, thereby reducing the company's manpower consumption in the IT department.

Application 4: Data backup and recovery

Different access logics often exist on heterogeneous systems, which makes the automatic backup of software extremely complicated. For this reason, many IT staff spend several hours a week performing manual backups on the server. Although there are various data backup solutions and tools for local or remote backup, the specific implementation effect is still not satisfactory.

The RPA robot can clone this repetitive work to achieve the best results and avoid all distracting errors.

Application 5: Server and application maintenance

RPA robots can handle dozens of various tasks and complete them with high accuracy to prevent server downtime or restart; this can reduce system downtime and make it easier to program them for a day The time of lowest activity in the middle (or evening). This increase in mechanical efficiency also reduces the time the IT team must invest in these operations.

Application 6: System diagnosis

Many monitoring tools face the same problem, that is, sometimes they cannot adapt well to a completely heterogeneous environment. RPA can seamlessly connect with existing surveillance systems, dealing with environments, technologies and systems. The robot simulates manual operations, performs migration between systems, generates reports and sends them to the maintenance team in accordance with a certain rule frequency.

Application 7: Automated testing

At present, many test software with advanced functions on the market are usually for developers. Assign RPA to business experts, under their guidance, RPA robots can automatically perform certain test tasks authorization, which doubles the user's test efficiency. Sometimes only the task of Excel files maintained by sales representatives is entrusted to RPA for management, and then RPA returns the results of the test software to them for analysis, which can make the entire workflow as simple and fast as an assembly line.

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