Problems encountered during the installation of CocoaPods

Problems encountered during the installation of CocoaPods

1. When I am going to add a "Podfile" file to the project

Tip: No such file or directory (No such file or directory) 2. After consulting relevant information, I learned that ruby is required to install CocoaPods, and then in the terminal:

3. I was thinking of waiting for the good news of success after entering the password, but I never thought that I would be embarrassed, so I just reported an error ERROR: SSL verification error at depth 0: certificate has expired (10) This is a problem! It is very likely that there is a problem with the source, so the source needs to be replaced

4. Check the source: $ gem sources -l and found that there are two, so I deleted , leaving

5. After successfully deleted, look again $ gem sources -l found now only a the

  1. Now you can update again $ sudo gem update --system

Prompt success, and then execute $ sudo gem install cocoapods to install CocoaPods

7. So far CocoaPods has been installed successfully, you can add "Podfile"