Web AR tracking reading notes: article name [WebAR] WeChat applet AR...

Web AR tracking reading notes: article name [WebAR] WeChat applet AR...

1. AR research challenges

  • obscure
    • Terminology
    • Mathematical formula
    • Network information
  • Open source projectFew
  • Picture recognition (marked)
    • The business scene cannot be used, the customer does not accept this kind of picture
    • structure
      • Black border
      • White spacing
  • human face
    • Rotation of the face (lower your head back and forth, shake your head left and right, turn to both sides)
    • Near and far size
    • There is no complete implementation of open source projects

2. AR knowledge system

  • mathematics:
    • modern
    • Space Analytic Geometry
  • Calculating diagram:
    • OpenGL
    • WebGL
  • Mechanics:
    • classification
    • Tracking ( research focus )
  • Planning:
    • OpenCV

3. Comparison of running speed

Desktop Program> Server> APP> Web Page> Mini Program

  • Desktop program: can take full advantage of GPU hardware acceleration

  • Server side: can use highly configured CPU and cluster

  • APP: can make full use of the hardware acceleration of mobile phones

  • Webpage : Can use new technologies such as WebAssembly to accelerate

  • Mini Program: There is no way to speed up for the time being

working principle

  1. From the camera each frame extracting feature points picture;
  2. The camera and the image feature points in FIG identification match ;
  3. The camera and image conversion calculation : The Step 2 point matching results, obtained camera calibration characteristics obtained in the camera internal parameters , calculating a transformed image and the camera projection matrix .

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