java crm system invoicing springmvc SSM project source code

java crm system invoicing springmvc SSM project source code

System introduction: 1. The system adopts the mainstream SSM framework jsp JSTL bootstrap html5 (used by PC browser) 2. springmvc +spring4.3.7+ mybaits3.3 SSM ordinary java web (not maven, pom.xml file attached) Database: mysql 3. Development tools: myeclipse eclipse idea can be used, there is no limit. My project source code exported from myeclipse 2014

Business module homepage: Record total purchase amount, total sales, total sales profit, sales amount within 30 days, total number of customers, and number of new customers within 30 days. Graph statistics (line graph and bar graph) display 12 months from the current month Sales

  1. Customer information: record customer information, note customer information, track and record customer status
  2. Customer Remarks: Customer Information Attached Option
  3. Customer level: customer profile subsidiary option
  4. Product list: maintain product data, have a rich text editor, have a detailed list, upload product pictures, and generate product QR codes and barcodes
  5. Commodity category: Commodity subsidiary options
  6. Brand Management: Commodity Attachment Options
  7. Unit of measurement: Commodity attached option
  10. Commodity delivery: Enter the product delivery data, quantity, sales price, and sales delivery time. Calculate the total amount of sales in a certain time range
  11. Inventory check: the bar chart shows the inventory of goods, so as to make up the stock in time
  12. Sales report: The list shows the sales of goods, which can be sorted according to sales and sales, so as to know which goods are selling well and adjust the sales plan system module
  13. Permission management: Click on the second level menu to enter the third level menu. Display roles (basic permissions) and button permissions (basic permissions): divided into role groups and roles, independently assigned menu permissions and add, delete, modify, and check permissions. Button permissions: Assign button permissions to the role.
  14. Button management: custom button management, maintenance button authority identification, etc.
  15. Menu management: unlimited levels of custom menus, custom menu icons, separation of business menu and system menu, menu status display and hidden (recursive processing)
  16. Data dictionary: unlimited levels, support multiple levels of unlimited classification. Built-in number, sorting, etc.
  17. Online management: websocket technology, real-time detection of online user list, count the number of online users, can force users to go offline, the same user can only log in at one client
  18. Log management: record user login and exit and some important operation records
  19. System users: add, delete, modify and check each basic user, send single or group messages to the station, import and export excel forms, and check the business status of the business
  20. Performance monitoring: monitoring the performance of the entire system, SQL monitoring, SQL firewall, URL monitoring, SPRING monitoring, SESSION monitoring, etc.
  21. Picture management: unified management of the pictures uploaded in batches, click to enlarge, you can open multiple, freely switch, gorgeous preview effect
  22. Image crawler: Enter a certain URL, crawl out the image and display it on the page, you can zoom in and preview it. Can be saved to the server, to the picture management
  23. In-site mail: Inbox and outbox, websocket technology communication technology makes timely receipt reminders, and can be configured with voice prompts for incoming mail
  24. System settings: modify the system name, mail server configuration, SMS account settings, picture watermark configuration
  25. Database backup: single table and entire database can be backed up, and local and remote database backups are supported
  26. Backup timer: quartz 2.2 powerful task scheduling, multi-threaded backup database, task start and close asynchronous operation
  27. Database restore: historical backup records, restore database or single table, count backup time and file size
  28. SQL Editor: A powerful SQL editor, supports editing complex query statements, generating dynamic reports, and exporting excel menu permissions: different menu permissions assigned to each role, each role sees different menus, unlimited menu buttons Permission: Independently assign different roles and different functional permissions, add, delete, modify, and check permissions to different menus, custom button management supports multi-user sub-authorization management background, permissions specific to different menus and different buttons

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  1. Export and import excel files
  2. IO streaming upload and download files
  3. Mass emails can be sent in html, plain text format, and can be sent to any mailbox (to achieve batch sending of advertising emails)
  4. Bulk or separate SMS, supports two third-party SMS provider interfaces
  5. spring aop transaction processing
  6. MD5 encryption SHA encryption (the login password is encrypted using this), interface encryption, identity verification
  7. The druid of the database connection pool Ali. Druid has obvious advantages in monitoring, scalability, stability and performance, and supports concurrency 8. Join the security framework shiro (login authorization) (session management) 9. Analyze the complete spelling (pinyin) and initials of Chinese characters according to Chinese characters (Import excel to the user table, and generate pinyin user names based on the user's Chinese name) Quartz2.2 task scheduling 11.Base64 transfer pictures 12. Picture watermark (picture watermark, text watermark) 13. Batch asynchronous upload pictures, Can preview, have progress bar, support drag and drop upload (Baidu webuploader). The list dynamically slides to enlarge the display. 14.ehcache custom secondary cache, select the cache storage directory, handle concurrency, increase system performance 15. uploadify upload plug-in, single, batch upload multi-threaded, with progress bar, asynchronous, pictures, videos, other file formats can be uploaded 16 .tab tab page function, free switching of tabs, no repeated operation of the database 17. Baidu rich text editor, can upload pictures 18. Web crawler technology, can crawl pictures and page titles and other information according to the web page address (crawling a store image to save This server) websocket instant messaging technology, point-to-point, group chat, single chat 20. HTML5 + JAVAEE WebSocket communication technology, WebSocket authenticates user login, forcing a user to go offline 21. Station message voice reminder, js controls audio playback 22. Call camera photography technology, image cutting technology 23. QR code generation technology 24. Barcode generation technology 25. Outbound order printing, call the browser to start the printer to print the order

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The login interface background is automatically switched with HTML5 special effects (blinds, curtains and other switching methods) with background music and background animation